WIN BIG with Slot Machine Advertising

GAME ADS provides an exciting new venue for advertisers... casino slot machines.

Slot machines and electronic gaming devices are the most popular casino games among Americans and account for the majority of Casino profits in the U.S. The emergence of more convenient cashless, ticket-in ticket-out machines will make slots more popular in the future.

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GAME ADS has patented the business model for the use of targeted product advertising towards this desired market. The patent goes further to cover advertising on games in casinos, where gambling, entertainment, premium or gift giving is offered.

Guaranteed & Verified Impression

No Guesses! We can guarantee and verify the number of times your ad ran while someone was sitting directly in front of it. That's what we call a "captive" impression!

Maximum Impact

We put eye catching, full-color animation, right in front of the consumer for maximum promotional impact. No other media can put the message as close to the consumer's eyes and hands as we can.

This exciting new media is offered for the first time, exclusively by Game Ads! 305.968.2919 or Contact Us